Our prices remain moderate in 2023

Racks consume a lot of electricity, so the increase in energy prices usually lead to an increase in rack prices. We are defying the tense market situation and promise moderate prices.

About Us

Stollen Lucerne Data Center

ewl energie wasser luzern runs the high-security data center, the Stollen Lucerne Data Center, in the city of Lucerne. The data center is located in the middle of the Central Switzerland region, in the heart of the country, and is housed in an underground bunker complex, where it lies shielded from the outside world, boasting 1,640 square meters of floor space for IT operations and around 600 racks.

Its well-connected location and the versatility and scalability of its solutions further enhance the facility’s services. The underground nature of the space, together with the incredible levels of physical security, protection, quality and energy efficiency, truly set this unique data center apart.


Individual and modular

The range of services offered by the Stollen Lucerne Data Center covers various scalable options and performance levels, allowing you to have your say in the setup of the space. This ability to individually, modularly adapt the layout means your existing hardware can be perfectly integrated within our modular concept. Whether you are looking for a Colocation Rack, a Private Cage or a Private Suite – the Stollen Lucerne Data Center offers tailor-made solutions for customer-specific needs – and all this in the heart of Switzerland in a unique, underground bunker.


We are CO2 neutral

The Stollen Lucerne Data Center is a member of the European Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, meaning that – as a carbon-neutral data center – it actively contributes to climate protection. Maximizing energy efficiency allows the data center to set an example by operating sustainably.

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