DC Solutions


DC Solutions

The Stollen Lucerne Data Center offers a wide range of rack solutions across its 1,640 square meters of IT systems and approx. 600 racks. Whether you are looking for a standard rack, a separate Private Cage or even a Private Suite where your racks are safeguarded in a separate exclusive tunnel, your existing or new hardware will always fit thanks to the customizable, modular floor space design.

Colocation racks are ideal for SMEs or companies that want rack units that offer maximum protection and adhere to the greatest privacy requirements. Whether you are wanting a standard rack, one-third or two-thirds of a standard rack, or even a high performance computing (HPC) rack, your data is protected in a separately secured rack in a high-security space. As soon as you need more than eight racks, the Private Cage is your best option to ensure excellent security for your sensitive data. With this option, your racks benefit from the added protection of being stored within their own cage, which you have exclusive secure access to. Our Private Suite provides the highest level of security. From twelve racks upwards, your highly sensitive data is protected in your own private exclusive high-security room with its own state-of-the-art access solution in our tunnel system in the middle of Lucerne - a complete tunnel just for you! The room and floor layout can be arranged according to your liking - you decide how your safe space should look like.

You would rather focus on your core business? Take advantage of our Managed Services. They span consultation and order review process, concept and strategy, implementation, support and maintenance.


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