CO2-neutral operation

The Stollen Luzern Data Center is one of the most sustainable data centers in Switzerland and impresses with a large number of effective ecological measures.

CO2-neutral electricity thanks to renewable energies
  • 100 % green electricity from natural resources
Waste heat utilization
  • Waste heat utilization through ewl's own energy network for heating surrounding buildings
Ecological cooling with water from Lake Lucerne
  • Supply of cooling power without additional energy consumption by using energy from the lake
Reduction of embodied energy thanks to repurposing
  • Sensible use of existing construction volume thanks to repurposing a former civil defense facility
Member of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
  • Contribution to 100 percent CO2-neutral operation of European data centers by 2030 as a member of the "Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact"
Energy efficiency through the most modern technologies
  • Very high energy efficiency through the use of state-of-the-art DCIM technologies
  • Efficient Flywheel UPS systems guarantee the highest availability in power supply