About Us

About Us

Stollen Lucerne Data Center

The Stollen Lucerne Data Center combines state-of-the-art technology with sustainability and an excellent connection to the Swiss telecommunications networks and energy grids. The data center, located in the heart of Switzerland, is housed in an underground bunker complex shielded from the outside world, boasting 1,640 square meters of floor space for IT operations and around 600 racks. Thanks to its unique underground location and powered by the expertise of ewl, the data center is a long-term investment in the Swiss data center landscape. Operation is ensured by ewl energie wasser luzern.


ewl energie wasser luzern

As a modern energy services company, ewl provides another future-oriented infrastructure in the form of the Stollen Lucerne Data Center.

As a limited company under Swiss private law, ewl is wholly owned by the city of Lucerne, where it plans, builds, operates and maintains the basic supply of utilities and Internet. 24/7 and powered by a unique skill set and many years of experience, ewl is able to provide a solid foundation for the future operation of the Stollen Lucerne Data Center. Safe, competent and reliable.

  • Specialist for infrastructure facilities
  • Planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the most important lifelines of the city of Lucerne
  • Clear, transparent and long-term ownership structure
  • Guarantee of safety and continuity