Sustainable data center

The Stollen Lucerne Data Center is one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in Switzerland and impresses with maximum energy efficiency. As part of the reconstruction of the Hydro Energy Center Inseliquai in the fall of 2020, the Stollen Lucerne Data Center was connected to ewl's hydro energy network . This will ensure uninterruptible cooling via two geographically separate supply routes. The data center is cooled using water from Lake Lucerne. The facility’s waste heat is also used to heat the surrounding residential areas. The aim is to become a TüViT ‘level 3 extended’-certified carbon-neutral facility.

  Energy efficient operation
  • State-of-the-art DCIM technologies guarantee incredibly high energy efficiency within the data center.
  • Uninterruptible and highly efficient UPS systems guarantee the data center is supplied with high-availability energy.
  Carbon-neutral cooling
  • Lake water ensures a stable supply of cooling energy with no additional power required.
  • ewl's ability to harness the waste heat within its own energy network thus further contributes to the facility’s sustainable energy supply.
  • The Stollen Lucerne Data Center is operated sustainably and aims to be carbon-neutral by using a hydro energy cooling system fed with water from Lake Lucerne.
  • A conversion of the former civilian shelter complex reduces gray energy and is a sensible use of existing, unused building stock.