Referenz Story Sonio – Sicher, nachhaltig und ISO-zertifiziert

As of July 1, 2023, Sonio AG now also operates its data center services in the Stollen Lucerne Data Center. Various services such as Infrastructure as a Service, Veeam Cloud Connect and Swiss3Cloud Storage are operated there for our approximately 300 customers.

With the Stollen Luzern Data Center, ewl energie wasser luzern operates a high-security data center in the city of Lucerne. The data center in the center of central Switzerland and thus also in the heart of Switzerland is located in an underground bunker complex shielded from the outside world and offers space for 1,640 square meters of IT usable area with around 600 racks.

The Stollen Luzern Data Center combines state-of-the-art technology with sustainability and an optimal connection to Swiss communication and energy networks. Thanks to the connection to ewl's own heating network, the waste heat from the servers can be used sustainably.

The underground facility, maximum physical protection, security, quality and energy efficiency -are the cornerstones of this unique data center. However, the ecological aspects were decisive for the decision in favor of the new data center. Sonio has already had ISO 14001 certification since 2022, which aims to reduce the ecological footprint and significantly promote sustainability. In addition, the optimal accessibility and the flexibility in the expansion of the customer areas is of course a great advantage.

In addition to the general security measures, the data center's unique underground location also offers the highest level of IT security. With state-of-the-art technology for security and the environment, the data center positions itself as a long-term investment in the Swiss data center landscape.

Switzerland has earned a reputation as a data center country in recent years for a variety of reasons. The energy consumption for servers, cooling and infrastructure is gigantic. And probably the most important waste or by-product - waste heat - is not even properly used in many data centers. This is now completely different with our new partner and thus makes an enormous contribution to reducing the ecological footprint. Since a CO₂-neutral data center is operated in the Lucerne tunnel, only certified Swiss electricity from renewable energy sources is used, according to ewl.

The data center is cooled with water from Lake Lucerne, which is pumped in from the control center at a temperature of 13.5 degrees Celsius. The water, which has a temperature of 19 to 25 degrees Celsius after its journey through the data center, leaves the tunnel again and the surrounding buildings are heated with this waste heat. This makes the Stollen Luzern data center, and thus also the Sonio data center, one of the most ecological data centers in Switzerland.

Hardly any other country in the world has such a high density of data centers as Switzerland. So it was only logical and sensible to choose a data center with all the security - but also ecological - aspects. Thanks to our decision, Sonio is now a partner of one of the most ecological data centers in Switzerland.

Markus Fischer – CIO of Sonio AG